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Welcome to QuantiPhy

your new favourite interactive physiological simulator. Assembled from scratch by eager and curious minds, its foundations are cemented in teamwork and an ambitious idea – boiling some hard-to-grasp physiological concepts down to their basic building blocks and giving its users a chance to understand them by goofing around. It is aimed at the general public, but we estimate that it could be very useful for students of the natural sciences (especially medical, biology, and physics students).

Acid-base physiology Being a pretty abstract concept to those on the beginner end of the proficiency spectrum, explaining acid-base physiology can be a real challenge. We gave our best, however, to simplify and explain the interplay of various factors that affect the tightly regulated acid-base balance of the human body, using various different approaches.

Heart physiology Here we focused mainly on two entities: the coupling of the cardiac and vascular functions, and the pressure-volume diagram. Both are fascinating depictions of cardiovascular mechanics. As their understanding is almost a necessity for anyone aspiring to a greater comprehension of human physiology, we thought it would be neat to throw some light on them.

Electrophysiology This is the realm of charged particles, ion channels, and membrane potentials. Also, it is inevitable in the study of physiology, but it is thankfully fiercely interesting. In the words borrowed from a popular greasy musical: »It's electrifying!«

Projekt sofinancirata Republika Slovenija in Evropska unija iz Evropskega socialnega sklada.